Smith Foundry Company Partners with Under the Weather Sick Childcare Program

Smith Foundry Company Partners with Under the Weather Sick Childcare Program

Smith Foundry Company is pleased to announce its partnership with Under the Weather (UTW) Sick Childcare Program.

Smith Foundry Employees now have the option to bring their sick child to the professionally staffed UTW center, or the UTW staff can watch their sick child in the comfort of their own home, both at a last-minute notice. Smith Foundry will pay 80% of the childcare services for all employees, up to six times a year. After that, employees are free to use the services as many times as they need it, at their own expense. 

“No one plans when their children get sick, and we know finding sick child care can be stressful for a family. We wanted to support our employees by providing a sick child care option, and help them pay for it as well.” said Nathan CW Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer of Smith Foundry Company. “Partnering with Under the Weather is a win-win for our employees: Their children’s health needs won’t be compromised, they can still meet their work obligations, and save their PTO for when they want to use it.”

UTW provides sick childcare services in the home, and in their licensed Childcare Center, which accommodates up to 56 children, meaning there’s one caregiver to four sick children. The sick child care services are for children ages six weeks to 12 years old.

UTW supports children who have minor illnesses such as, but not limited to, fever, cold, and flu; it also separates children according to illness type, which ensures they’re not exposed to different illnesses. UTW ensures a clean, healthy environment by disinfecting toys after each use, ongoing hand washing by children and caregivers, as well as cleaning and disinfecting rooms and common areas every night.

UTW employees have current First Aid and CPR Certifications, and background and reference checks are conducted on each employee.