Smith Foundry Names New Manufacturing Manager

Smith Foundry Names New Manufacturing Manager

Smith Foundry Company has tapped long-time employee Corey Bacon as the company's new Manufacturing Manager. 



Corey Bacon, Manufacturing Manager

Corey has worked at Smith Foundry since 2012.  He came to us with a wealth of foundry experience, having worked at facilities for Grede, Arrowcast, and Intermet in the past.  For the past five years he has served as our plant metallurgist, where he has excelled and played a key role in driving down scrap and driving up efficiencies.  Smith Foundry's internal and external scrap rates have decreased each successive year for every year of Corey's tenure.

Furthermore, Corey's excellent rapport with the production staff made him a natural fit.  Corey is well-regarded within the company. 

This move is also great news for our customers.  Corey will further strengthen Smith Foundry's operational discipline, aiding us as we move ever closer to our goal of 100% on-time delivery.  With the significant growth Smith Foundry has seen over the last twelve months, having Corey's expertise readily available on the shop floor is more critical than ever.  He is welcomed by an already superb team.

We offer Corey our congratulations, and look forward to the contributions he will make in this new capacity in the years to come.