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Design Assistance

Smith Foundry has the ability to help with casting design optimization. While the basic design elements are up to the customer, we are always looking at ways to cut costs out in a manner consistent with the overall project.

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Casting Conversions

Converting weldments and fabrications to castings is an area that can yield great results. Successful conversions offer improved value, lower piece price or improved installed cost by solving other manufacturing problems.

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Responsive Production

At Smith Foundry, we are dedicated to customer centricity. Our hard-earned reputation for reliability, quality, and ease of doing business has been honed over the last 90 years of operations. Smith Foundry defines "responsive production".

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Quality Design

Smith Foundry Company, An ISO 9001:2015 registered firm, stands out as a foundry committed to consistently producing high quality castings, consistently delivered to its customers on time.

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