Core Making

Core Capabilities

At Smith Foundry we specialize in low and medium volume production run castings ranging from several ounces up to 250 lbs.

  • Prototype and one-of-a-kind castings
  • Short run production castings
  • Medium run production castings

We offer a versatile line of core making processes.  Shell, oil sand, and airset (sodium silicate and phenolic urethane) cores form the backbone of our coring capabilities.  These processes, in conjunction with our valued core suppliers, enable us to offer creative solutions to your coring needs.

Core making equipment at Smith:

1- Kloster 200 lbs/min Core Sand Mixer

3- Redford HP-43A Shell Core Machines

1- Dependable Foundry Equipment 400FA Shell Core Machine

1- Redford Carver Simple Advantage SACM-25 Phenolic Urethane core machine; 25lb capacity

Airset Cores (Sodium silicate & phenolic urethane)

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