Molding/Value Added Capabilities

Molding Capabilities

With a variety of core and mold making processes at our disposal, we can handle the jobs that others can’t.  Our two Beardsley and Piper 2016 (16x20 flask) molding machines and 2620 (20x26 flask) molding machine are the workhorses of the shop.  Versatile machines built for all levels of production, these molding lines are capable of handling castings ranging from ounces up to 75 lbs.  Of course, dimensional limits exist within this weight range which could limit the machine’s ability to handle your application.

Our 28x36 Osborn cope and drag line (12 over 12) services larger size low to medium volume production work.  Quality iron castings up to 250 lbs can be produced using this process.  Cope and drag molding is also an option for castings that exceed the physical size limitations of the automated equipment in our plant.

Molding equipment at Smith:

2- Beardsley and Piper 2016 16x20 Match Blowmatic Molding Machines (ounces - 40lbs)

1- Beardsley and Piper 2026 20x26 Automatic Molding Machine (ounces - 75lbs)

1- Osborn 722 Cope & Drag pin lift molding machine 28x36x12 flasks (up to 250 lbs)


Value Added Services

In addition to providing gray, ductile, and austempered ductile iron castings, we can arrange for the other value added services that you require.  Established relationships with skilled suppliers means that Smith Foundry has the ability to meet your production needs.

  • Machining

  • Heat Treating

  • Painting and Plating

  • MAGMA Solidification Modeling

  • CMM Testing

  • Non-destructive testing: X-Ray & Magnetic Particle testing

  • Tensile Testing: bars certified to conform to ASTM A48, A536, & A897 mechanical performance standards

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