Smith Foundry Company stands out as a foundry committed to consistently producing high quality castings, consistently delivered to its customers on time.

Everything we do stems from our passion for quality.  Our partnerships with world class suppliers help to guarantee your castings are made from the highest quality raw materials as they are processed utilizing sound foundry practices. Our in house sand and metallurgical controls form the backbone of the quality program at Smith Foundry.


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Sand Control

Green sand properties are continually monitored using a PLC driven Hartley Sand Control system. A closed loop process, the Hartley Sand Control System is designed to function as a “thinking” piece of equipment. Each batch's test data is analyzed for conformation to our process specifications.

Metallurgical Lab

Smith Foundry’s metallurgical lab utilizes sophisticated equipment to verify the chemistry and microstructure of all of your castings. The recently purchased 29 channel Spectro-Maxx spectrometer uses state of the art technology to quickly analyze and assure the metal used to produce your castings always meets required specifications. In-house process controls include temperature monitoring, hardness verification, chemical spectro analysis and nodularity checks (ductile iron only). Test bars are systematically pulled to ensure conformance to ASTM mechanical performance standards. We will provide full chemical and material certification to ASTM A48, A536
and A897 standards at your request.

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